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Dermaceutic's new identity. An exclusive presentation in this edition.


"Since its establishment in the 90s, Dermaceutic distinguishes itself from the rest with its expertise in skin peels. The Dermaceutic range is composed of medical peels adapted to each type of skin and at every stage of life. Superficial, medium or deep, this professional line is completed by a range of expert skin care products distributed in pharmacies. They optimise the medical-aesthetic procedure and together, they create a consistent protocol. The secret? An important concentration and original synergy of active ingredients contained in our formulas. Whether this be to eliminate the first signs of aging, skin imperfections or deeply rejuvenate the skin, Dermaceutic offers a refined and personalised solution. The bonus? No needles, no apparatus, just an optimal action via the application of finely tuned active products. Other benefits: fragrance free and paraben free formulas, often without preservatives and including boosted actives. The laboratory's cutting edge research guarantees that the whole range is composed of today's most efficient active ingredients. Only available in specialist networks (pharmaciesn clinical and medical laser centers), the brand is recommended by the biggest experts in dermatology. Nowadays, more than 30,000 doctors across 70 countries use Dermaceutic peels each day and advise the accompanying cosmeceutical products in order to optimise their laser treatments and injections. The satisfied feedback we receive reinforces our goal: to propose solutions adapted to doctor and patient expectations."

Nicola FAGIUOLI, General Manager, Dermaceutic



October/December 2012


Stay young without surgery

Even if you’ve sported the prettiest of eyeshadows, the most glamorous of lipsticks and the most voluminous of mascaras, if wrinkles start to show that’s the only thing you’ll see!  To fade these signs of “wisdom”, you need to attack them as soon as they appear. Fortunately solutions do exist, not to stop this inevitable phenomenon, but at least to slow down its development. After all, are you really in a hurry to grow old?

Hyal Ceutic, Dermaceutic’s anti-aging skincare with concentrated hyaluronic acid.





November 2012

Beauty dossier on hyperpigmentation


Presentation of Dermaceutic’s Spot Peel with before and after photos, during the protocol and medical cabinet prices.



5 September 2012

Theresa, 56 years old, dark spots on hands, neckline and face


Despite using make-up every day, I can't cover up my dark spots which is really getting me down.
I didn't want to resort to a radical skin treatment like lasers and I was looking moreso for methods which are less invasive and more gentle so as to avoid social downtime. The opportunity to test Dermaceutic's Yellow Cream came at the right time.

Dermaceutic's Yellow Cream is a dark spot concentrate (kojic acid, arbutin, morus alba) composed of lightening agents (citrus acids) as well as exfoliating active ingredients  (salicylic acid, glycolic acid).
The pros
The dark spots on my face have cleared up.
A very reasonable price.
Recommended by dematologists.

Dermaceutic's Yellow Cream is a serious skin care product which enables a first step towards depigmentation.





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Welcome to Dermaceutic Laboratoire's Blog

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