Dermaceutic has scientifically designed skincare recommended by professionals. Its cosmeceutical range offers a smart combination of active ingredients at the highest concentrations to boost the skin's natural powers.


Dermaceutic’s skincare line is classified into essential actions to be combined to address all main skin indications. Thus, Dermaceutic is committed to tailor products based on patients' needs and skin concerns.


In this blog article, Dermaceutic essential actions will be introduced as well as the homecare products that are part of each of them. You will understand better which products are the most suitable for your skin type.







Dermaceutic’s essential actions covers your skin needs from beginning to end by including homecare products such as active cleansers, moisturisers, post-treatment products, serums, and sun protections.



1. PURIFY: High-performance cleansers and exfoliants to purify the skin and remove make-up.


DG Purify


The Purify range is composed of the following products:


Advanced Cleanser: The all-in-one cleansing foam that effectively removes make-up and excess sebum. Thanks to Advanced Cleanser, skin is clean, purified and feels hydrated. It is ideal for daily cleansing. It is suitable for all skin type.


Use: Apply two pea-sized amounts to wet skin, massage and rinse with water.


Foamer 5 and 15: The exfoliating cleansing foam that effectively purifies the skin, helps to remove impurities and dead cells. It exists in two different concentrations of glycolic acid: 5% for a gentle exfoliation and 15% for a stronger exfoliation.

Using Foamer 5/15 makes your skin clean, smooth and its natural glow appears restored. Pores are also visibly tightened.


Use: Once a day, apply a small amount to a clean and dry face. Massage and rinse with water after two minutes or as soon as you start to feel a tingling sensation. Make sure to avoid the eye area.


In addition to the Advanced Cleanser and the Foamer 5/15, the Mask 15 comes to complete the Purify range. This is the purifying mask that helps to purify the skin by removing imperfections and dead skin cells for clear and radiant skin. Salicylic and glycolic acids, combined with bentonite, reduce excess oiliness and the appearance of large pores.

Integrating Mask 15 in your skincare protocol makes your skin purified, clear and radiant. Pores are visibly tightened and the appearance of skin imperfections is reduced.


Use: Apply a pea-sized amount to the face and neck in a thin, even layer. Leave on for two to four minutes and rinse off with water. Use Mask 15 once or twice a week maximum.



2. STIMULATE: Powerful acids that work overnight to boost the skin's natural power to regenerate, harmonize complexion and improve the appearance of skin imperfections.



The Stimulate range is made of two high performance night creams: The Light Ceutic and the Turn Over.


Light Ceutic: The unifying night cream that gently exfoliates the skin and reduces the appearance of pigment spots, thanks to the combined action of glycolic acid, phytic acid and vitamin C. This exfoliation process allows the skin to naturally regenerate overnight.

Night after night, the skin's radiance appears restored and the complexion is visibly harmonized.


Use: Apply to face and neck area in the evening. Make sure to avoid eye contour.


Turn Over: The rejuvenating night cream that reduces the signs of skin aging by removing dead cells. Its highly concentrated glycolic acid solution supports the skin's natural turnover to reduce the appearance of loss of skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines.

Thanks to Turn Over, night after night, the skin is smoother and appears rejuvenated.


Use: Apply to face and neck area in the evening. Make sure to avoid eye contour.



3. RESTORE: Intense repairing care to nourish, soothe and restore for optimal comfort.



Hyal Ceutic, Regen Ceutic, K Ceutic and Panthenol Ceutic are the four products that composed the Restore range


Hyal Ceutic: The intense hydrating cream that intensively hydrates and protects the skin all day long thanks to an optimal concentration of high and low weight hyaluronic acids. A combination of powerful ingredients including aloe vera enhances its smoothing and repairing action. It also prevents signs of skin aging. Hyal Ceutic has also an anti-pollution action.
Day after day, skin is replenished and its natural moisture level appears restored.


Use: Apply to the face in the morning and evening. Hyal Ceutic can be also applied to eye contour.


Regen Ceutic: The nourishing hydrating cream that nourishes and firms the skin thanks to its peptides complex. The addition of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants boosts the skin's natural power to protect and repair itself. It contributes to prevent signs of skin aging.


The skin is intensively restored day after day for superior skin comfort. Wrinkles are visibly diminished.

Use: Apply to the face in the morning and evening. It can be applied to eye contour.


K Ceutic: The post-treatment cream that restores and protects the skin by delivering essential nutrients and a very high SPF 50. Its advanced formula contains a combination of ingredients designed to repair (glycoprotein and hyaluronic acid), nourish (shea butter), protect (Vitamin E and SPF 50) and soothe (K complex).

The skin is intensively nourished and protected from UV ray’ damage, improving the appearance due to photoaging. Redness and irritations appear soothed.


Use: Apply to the face in the morning and as often as required throughout the day. You should avoid eye contour.


Panthenol Ceutic: The nourishing restoring ointment that restores and deeply nourishes the skin thanks to ingredients such as panthenol, shea butter and beeswax. Its combination of powerful hydrating and repairing actives helps to soothe the skin.


Use: Apply to the skin when it is needed.



4. PROTECT: SPF 50+ to provide very high sun protection with age defense properties.



The Protect range is made of Dermaceutic age defense sun protections: Sun Ceutic 50+, available in classic version as well as in a tinted shade.


Sun Ceutic & Sun Ceutic Tinted: The age defense sun protection that protects the skin thanks to powerful UVA/UVB filters and certifies a SPF 50+. Its unique stem cell stimulator, associated with hyaluronic acid, helps to prevent signs of photoaging. The tinted version of Sun Ceutic 50+ offers a universal shade adapted to every skin tone.

Thanks to Sun Ceutic 50+, the skin is effectively protected against signs of photoaging: dark spots, fine lines and dehydration.


Use: Evenly apply to the face, neck and décolleté 10 minutes before sun exposure. Renew application frequently, especially after contact with water.



5. PREVENT: Innovative skincare that prevent the signs of aging, for younger-looking, healthier skin.



The Prevent range is composed of the following homecare products:


Derma Defense: The daily defense cream with SPF 50 that intensely hydrates skin, homogenizes skin tone and protects against UV rays. The cream is available in light and medium shades.


Use: Apply in the morning, on its own or over your daily cream, and throughout the day as needed.


C25 Cream: The antioxidant concentrate that prevents the appearance of free radical damage and premature signs of skin aging thanks to its powerful antioxidant formula. A synergy of vitamins C, A, B5 and E neutralizes the effect of oxidative stress.

Skin is revitalized and protected from oxidative stress. Complexion appears radiant and harmonized. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.


Use: Apply to the face in the morning, followed by high sun protection.


Tri Vita C30: The 30% vitamin C Serum, industry-leading concentrations of vitamin C for optimal dermo-revitalization, free radical protection and skin restoration. Tri Vita prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone. Thanks to Tri Vita C30 application skin looks younger, healthier and more radiant.


Use: Apply to the face and neck in the evening. We recommend 3 month treatment for effective results.


Activ Retinol 0.5 / 1%: The intense age defense serum that prevents the appearance of signs of skin aging thanks to an optimal concentration of retinol. Combined with a cocktail including antioxidants and ceramides, it helps to protect and strengthen the skin. Retinol is the gold-standard in terms of preventative anti-aging. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is essential for the skin. We offer two retinol solutions: 0.5% or 1% Retinol Complex in our Activ Retinol 0.5/1.0.

Thanks to Activ Retinol, the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles is reduced. The skin's natural radiance appears restored and texture is visibly smoother.


Use: Apply to the face and neck in the evening before your daily care. Make sure to avoid eye contour.



6. TARGET: Expert care to target specific concerns and reduce visible skin imperfections.



The Target range is composed of three homecare products: Derma Lift 5.0, Yellow Cream and Mela Cream


Derma Lift 5.0: The eye lifting serum that is formulated for an immediate lifting effect combined with long-term peptide skin-boosting action. Its synergy of ingredients improves the appearance of free radical damage and the signs of skin aging.
The use of Derma Lift 5.0 makes your skin immediately appearing lifted and replenished. Day after day, the skin looks younger and feels revitalized.


Use: Apply to the eye contour in the morning and evening, before your daily care.


Yellow Cream: The dark spot corrector that targets and reduces the appearance of dark spots thanks to optimally concentrated lightening agents associated with the exfoliating action of glycolic and salicylic acids.
Night after night, dark spots are visibly reduced and overall complexion is evened.


Use: Apply in the evening on dark spot areas. Make sure to avoid eye contour.


Mela Cream: The pigmentation cream that minimizes the appearance of pigment spots, harmonizes complexion and promotes an even skin tone.


Use: Apply once a day on the full face, focusing especially on pigmented areas. If Retinol has never been used before, begin 2 times a week, increasing frequency progressively. 3 month treatment is recommended.


Dermaceutic’s homecare range can be used as daily skincare protocol as well as to accompany peeling treatments for skin preparation and post-treatments protocols. To learn more about how to boost effectiveness of in-clinic procedures with our expert homecare range, you can read our previous month's blog article.


To learn more about Dermaceutic essential actions, you can click here.


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