As the seasons change, this month we will be providing useful information regarding how you can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays as well as keeping your skin glowing with an even complexion.


To ensure a smooth transition to sun exposure, we propose you this month our tinted sun protection products. The objective is to protect your skin against UV rays while keeping it hydrated and homogenized.


Before focusing on product solutions, let’s first understand why it is so important to protect the skin from UV rays?


The Composition of Sunshine:

To better protect our skin from the sun, it is helpful to understand the different types of rays that our sunshine is comprised of and how these can affect the skin.


Do you know how the sunlight is made of?

Here is the answer:

- 2% ultraviolet light (UV)
- 47% visible light
- 51% infrared


Ultraviolet light is part of non-visible light solar spectrum. Although it represents only 2% of the sun rays, we need to primarily protect our skin from them. The reason is that because they are the most energetic due to their short wavelengths (200nm to 400nm).


Ultraviolet light can be beneficial for the body, in particular to produce vitamin D. Though, they are also the cause of several skin issues such as premature skin aging or hyperpigmentation.


Below, we have introduced the different types of ultraviolet lights and their impacts on the skin.


The Different Types of Ultraviolet Lights:

UVA rays:

Among the ultraviolet light that reaches the Earth, UVA represents 97% to 99%. UVA rays have the longest wave rays and can even penetrate up to 75% through windows. 20% to 30% of UVA can reach the dermis, therefore they are responsible for the signs of skin aging. Indeed, UVA rays are able to generate the production of free radicals. Moreover, they also stimulate the synthesis of melanin and will result in your skin changing colour i.e. darker skin tone.

UVB rays:

UVB rays also reach the Earth. They represent 1% to 3% of ultraviolet light and have shorter wavelength than UVA. Also, compared to UVA, only 10% of UVB can reach the dermis. UVB affects the superficial layers of the skin and will lead to solar erythema (sun burn). UVB rays are more energetic than UVA rays and can generate molecular disorders and in the long-term can lead to skin cancer.

UVC rays:

UVC rays have the shortest wavelength and are absorbed mostly by the ozone layer. Being the most energetic, they could cause the most damage. Fortunately, they do not have the full potential to reach us on Earth.


Armed with new UV knowledge, you may be asking how best to prevent skin damage from sun exposure? Dermaceutic Laboratoire has the solution for that. For longer sun exposure, the tinted Sun Ceutic 50+ is the recommended protection. As for daily routine, Derma Defense can be used as moisturizer with an additional benefit of SPF 50.


How to Protect Your Skin from Photo-Damage?

Dermaceutic Laboratoire recommends that you protect your skin all year round as you are continuously exposed to the sun’s rays. Even driving around or being indoors, there is still exposure to certain rays. Therefore, it is vital that a good sunscreen is incorporated into your daily skincare protocol.


An effective sunblock is classified as a broad-spectrum sunblock and should provide protection against UVA and UVB rays at the least. It should also be defined as having at least a SPF of 50.


Dermaceutic offers highly effective, everyday solutions to protect your skin from the sun. Our expertise in dosing and combining premium actives contributes to deliver optimized product efficiency.


In addition, Sun Ceutic 50+ contains active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Stem Cell Stimulator which have anti-aging properties. As for Derma Defense, the Xylitol is an anti-dehydration agent.


Our product range includes two tinted products that are extremely valuable at this time of year during the change of season. Not only do they both offer sun protection, but the shades included in their formulation aid in developing a homogenized and glowing complexion.

Here are details about our two tinted protection products.



Dermaceutic Derma Defense is a DD cream, a daily protecting cream offering you intense skin hydration, coverage of uneven skin tone and high sun protection.


This is a 3-in-1 daily cream (available in light and medium shades) that provides optimal skin hydration. It leaves the skin looking radiant with a homogenized complexion whilst protecting your skin from damage caused by the sun thanks to its SPF 50.

Derma Defense is a carefully formulated product that includes incredible active ingredients:

Xylitol: Provides hydration to the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and supple.
Licorice Extract: Inhibits the action of two tyrosinases to help homogenize complexion.
UV Filters: Create a stable physical barrier against UV rays.
Vitamin E Ester: Antioxidant that further protects against UV damage.


For those looking for an easy, yet effective daily skincare routine – Dermaceutic Laboratoire’s Derma Defense creams are the ultimate convenience. To be used after cleansing, it will act as both your moisturizer and sun protection and it will cover skin imperfections. The mineral shade will leave your skin looking radiant with a healthy glow.


A Clinical Study was conducted on 20 female volunteers, using Derma Defense Medium shade for 21 days. The results from the study, concluded:

- 98% improvement in skin hydration
- 35% improvement in complexion homogenization
- 98% improvement in skin radiance
- An excellent dermatology tolerance
- An excellent cosmetic acceptability


Derma Defense is available in two different shades, Light – ideally for phototypes 1 & 2 and Medium for phototypes 3 and above.

It is the cosmeceutical for individuals who are looking for a convenient high-performance product offering more than 1 solution including multiple benefits. A moisturizer, an SPF 50 and a shade. It is perfectly suited for more mature skins looking for added hydration and an even skin tone. Used together with Dermaceutic professional treatments, it also assists in treating and preventing pigmentation with the inclusion of Licorice extract.



Tinted Sun Ceutic 50+ is the sun protection cream in the Dermaceutic’s range.


The powerful UVA/UVB filters certified at SPF 50+ offer very high protection. This unique formula also contains a powerful Stem Cell Stimulator and Hyaluronic Acid which boost age-defense properties.


The high-performance ingredients in the tinted Sun Ceutic 50+ include:

Zinc Oxide: Mineral filter that forms a stable physical barrier against UVB and UVA rays.
Hyaluronic Acid: Provides moisturization and makes the skin feel more supple.
Aloe Vera: Soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the production of collagen to combat skin aging.
Stem Cell Stimulator: Accelerates epidermal restoration, minimizing out the appearance of wrinkles.


Tinted Sun Ceutic 50+ provides you with a high sun protection factor of 50+ and beautiful glowing skin. It also acts as a good age defense cream. The shade is a universal color, which is suited to all phototypes. It is appropriate for dry to normal skin types.

Tinted Sun Ceutic 50+ is ideal for active people requiring a high level of sun protection but would like the benefit of the shade to provide an overall radiant complexion. The combination of ingredients will also keep your skin moisturized and calmed.


Read more about the Sun Ceutic’s formulation, including insights about the Stem Cell Stimulator, in the next blog article.


In addition to our homecare range, we also propose a professional range of peelings that can also help you to optimize your skin routine.


Professional Treatment

Sun exposure can lead to a blotchy complexion, poor cellular turnover and short stem cell lifespan. This imply wrinkle formation and lifeless skin.


For those wishing to reverse sun damage or target specific areas of visible aging caused by the sun, we highly recommend visiting your aesthetic clinic for a professional treatment.


Mask Peel

Mask Peel can be a good treatment, suitable for all skin types, to prepare your skin for the upcoming new season.


In the change of seasons, it is beneficial to fasten exfoliation without causing desquamation. By doing so you effectively remove dead surface skin cells without compromising skin security as the UV index changes.


Your skin will benefit from:

• A purified epidermis
• Brighter complexion
• Decreased sebum production
• Tighter pores
• Zero downtime


Mask Peel creates a glowing complexion using a combination of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Bentonite. As a superficial treatment you may require a few treatments to achieve optimal results.


Milk Peel

Milk Peel is formulated to target the appearance of fine lines, dull complexion and loss of skin tone. It is a superficial peel comprised of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic acid.

Your skin will benefit from incredible results including:

Collagen production
• A radiant and glowing complexion
• An even skin tone
• Reduced visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
• Regulated oily skin and dilated pores

A key point to remember is that you do need to include a skin hydrating homecare product and a SPF post-treatment to optimize the result. Speak to your skin therapist about the tinted Age Defense Sun Protection Sun Ceutic50+ and the Derma Defense Cream as solutions.



Dermaceutic Laboratoire protects your skin

Dermaceutic provides solutions for optimal sun protection whilst delivering the essentials for a healthy glow. The shade in both the Derma Defense and tinted Sun Ceutic 50+ evens out skin tone and helps cover imperfections.


The filters present in Derma Defense and Tinted Sun Ceutic acts as physical barriers by reflecting the sun’s rays. Mineral filters in Tinted Sun Ceutic act as physical barriers by reflecting the UV rays. Organic filters in Derma Defense as well as Tinted Sun Ceutic will act chemically by absorbing ultraviolet light.


An optimal sun protection product is vital during summer months. However, with UV and other rays still able to do damage in winter months, it is imperative to wear sunblock all year round.

Dermaceutic Laboratoire’s tinted Age Defense Sun Protection Sun Ceutic50+ and Derma Defense are your ultimate sun protection solutions. With the added shade they will help maintain a nice skin color and provide a healthy skin.


Next month we will deal with the classic Age Defense Sun Protection Sun Ceutic 50+ with a focus on the active ingredient Stem Cell Stimulator. Be sure to check back soon.

For more details about how to protect your skin the best,
visit our Facebook & Instagram pages.


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