Targeting an Acne Breakout

Targeting an Acne Breakout

Acne diagnosis & Solutions

There are different forms of Acne and multiple causes. Treating acne often leaves the sufferer frustrated, disillusioned and fed up with both professional treatments and homecare products that may claim to treat the embarrassing skin condition, but leave the skin more prone to breakouts or with little to no result.

To treat acne or breakouts, there are some key questions one needs to consider before addressing the breakout itself. In order to properly grade the severity of the acne, one needs to take the following criteria into consideration:


• Are comodones present? Do they present with or without inflammation?
• The number of comedones present and location on the face?
• Are there several variations of inflamed comedones present?
• How frequently do the breakouts occur?
• The amount of inflammation present before, during or after the breakout?
• Are there areas of the body affected by acne?

Using the above criteria, we can then grade the types of acne as each will need to be treated accordingly.


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Grade I Acne

This is the mildest form of acne, which presents with seborrhoea, minor pustules, small comodones and milia. This type of acne is most common in adolescents and will affect the nose, forehead and chin – termed ‘the oily T zone’. This type of acne is mostly due to keratinization irregularities and dehydration. A fortnightly Mask Peel would be recommended to regulate the keratinization cycle with the use of both exfoliating and hydrating properties in one’s homecare, such as Foamer 15 / Mask 15 and Hyal Ceutic. This combination will decrease excess sebum and dead skin build up thereby lessening the comomdones, resulting in a clearer skin. This form of acne is easy to treat as there will be no inflammation present. However, if left untreated, this type of acne can develop into Grade II acne.


Grade II Acne

This is a form of moderate acne and will present similarly to grade I acne but in greater numbers; spread across more areas of the face and include the chest and back. The frequency of breakouts is more regular and breakouts will present with mild inflammation. Dermaceutic Laboratoire effectively and efficiently treats this type of Acne with Mask Peel or Milk Peel. In severe cases, it is recommended that practioners peel the client’s skin every 2-weeks over an 8-week period. This protocol will ensure optimal results and treat the breakouts that are deeper in the epidermis. Regular treatments will also deter the client from picking or squeezing - as these habits may cause this acne to develop into Grade III acne.


Grade III & Grade IV Acne

These are severe cases of acne; where there is a huge amount of inflammation present with cysts or nodulocystic breakouts. Grade III is often an isolated area whereas grade IV will be wide-spread on the face and body. These types of acne are treatable with peels but often in conjunction with an antibiotic. Both the Milk Peel and the Mask Peel are shown to be hugely successful in Grade III & Grade IV acne, but it is recommended to add Activ Retinol 0.5Activ Retinol 1.0 to a homecare regimen as the antioxidant actives will assist in reducing redness. Dermaceutic also recommends including Mask 15 to address the seborrhea and keratinization build up within the follicles. This can be discussed with your therapist or aesthetic doctor.


*Understanding the cycle of acne, the Cosmo Peel Forte is an expert solution to cleanse the skin, provide a variety of antioxidants to soothe the flare-ups and the depth of the peel will prevent scarring. *

For targeted spot treatment, Yellow Cream is an effective solution due to the glycolic and salicylic acid. Many Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types will use Yellow Cream to prevent inflammatory pigmentalia caused by the breakout.


Dermaceutic Laboratoire offers expertly formulated products in both the cosmeceutical and in-clinic range, giving confidence to acne sufferers and equipping aesthetic doctors with formulations to address all types of Acne.


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